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إختتام مرحلة التدريب لبرنامج إدارة المشاريع و تطويرها للتمكين الاقتصادي للشباب والمرأة الذي تنفذه #منظمة_زهرة_الشمس بالشراكة مع ACTED libya وبدعم من GIZ libya programme .

Project Summery:

ODP targeted a variety of groups of youth to be trained for professional business management and development, to improve their skills and to help them get into the local and international market thereby increasing their participation in the community. The training included a total of 25 participants ranging from

18 and 33 years old, 18 of which are 11 females. The trainings were chosen based on the demands from the beneficiaries at pre-selection stage. All participants had bossiness ideas ranging from small to international, the trainees were interested in opening their own long-term businesses to improve their financial statuses, how ever did not have the technical knowledge to build their business plans and strategies; the training cores gave them the nessacery tools in strategic thinking and planning, marketing and market analysis, financial analysis, negotiations. The donation of the sewing machines began on 25th of December and ended 15th of January.1 month after the end donation, ACTED will conduct an assessment for the number of females who started their own business with the support provided. On the 9 vegetable freezing trainees, 4 of them were able to secure a job with local markets, 5 are

currently seeking employment with their new set of skills